Can someone really be saved by faith and works? – AND MORE!

Our listener asks, “I believe the true gospel and consider myself a Christian. My question is how do I effectively convert someone to the true gospel of Jesus Christ when they believe a false gospel of faith +works? I believe that in order to be saved we have to trust in Christ alone for our sins. I don’t believe Calvinists, lordship salvation, or Catholics are saved, but I’m not trying to sound judgmental or mean it’s just I believe the narrow way is narrow because Jesus is the only way. How would I show the gospel to a Calvinist or someone who believes in Jesus but also trusts in a little bit of their works? What I find happening is that the gospel I share with others comes off as judgmental and argumentative because of how narrow the gospel really is. How do I make the gospel sound nice and all-inclusive without compromising the gospel? Can someone really be saved by faith +works gospel? I believe its false and one has to trust in Christ alone. What exactly does Jesus mean in the book of Matthew when he says narrow is the way and ‘do not cast your pearls before swine’? How important is it to evangelize others to Christ? Can Christ do it for us? Thank you for your time and responses, I appreciate it.”