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  • Do we have to maintain good works for salvation? (Titus 3:8) - The topic of today is in Titus 3:8. Should we maintain good works in order to have salvation or keep salvation. Do good works play any part in the salvation process? What does Titus 3:8 mean? — SUBSCRIBE — — LIKE — — TWEET — — COMMENT — ask us a question! …

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  • Interview: Freddie Coile (Evangelism, Camp, Testimony) - Today we interview Pastor Freddie Coile. Freddie is an evangelist, pastor and camp director. – HIS CHURCH: – CAMP MINISTRY: – WEBSITE: – PODCAST: – YOUTUBE: Freddie Coile and Northside Church Athens — SUBSCRIBE — — LIKE — — COMMENT — ask us a question! — SHARE — with …

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  • Why do Bad things happen to Good people? - Our Listener asks, Question: My desire to reach and share the amazing, good news gospel of Jesus with the unsaved has been increasing more and more every time I go out. As I encounter more people one of the questions I have been asked is why does God allow children to suffer terrible heinous crimes, …

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  • What is Sanctification? | Soteriology 4 - How is sanctification applied with reference to salvation? Is sanctification also a part of the Christian life? Make sure to listen to the previous parts!! If you have a question, please email us at LIKE: SUBSCRIBE: SHARE: with all your friends and family THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!
  • Is the Rapture a reason to not have children? - Our Listener asks, With the rapture seemingly ever close, is there a time where having children would not be a sound idea because we are potentially so close to the rapture? Or is this just bad thinking? If you have a question, please email us at LIKE: SUBSCRIBE: for more SHARE: with …

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  • Justification and Sanctification | Soteriology 3 - This is PART 3 of our soteriology series called Justification and Sanctification. When does justification happen? What are the different tenses of sanctification? How does this relate to soteriology, the study of salvation? — SUBSCRIBE — — LIKE — — COMMENT — ask us a question! — SHARE — with all your friends …

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  • Faith and Regeneration | Soteriology 2 - Today we look at FAITH and REGENERATION. What is the importance of faith and the gospel? When does regeneration happen? Do these two concepts go hand in hand? — SUBSCRIBE — — LIKE — — COMMENT — ask us a question! — SHARE — with all your friends and family
  • What If I Deny God? - Our Listener asks, “My husband when we married was a Freewill Baptist, and believes you cannot lose your salvation, but you can freely give it up. you can pluck yourself out of his hand, You can choose not to follow him any more, and if you Deny God, you can never be saved again. I …

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  • Repentance and Salvation | Soteriology 01 - Today we look at repentance and salvation! What is repentance? What does it have to do with soteriology, the doctrine of salvation? This is Soteriology Part 1! — SUBSCRIBE — — LIKE — — COMMENT — ask us a question! — SHARE — with all your friends and family Do you have a …

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  • Can I choose to lose my salvation? - Our Listener asks, “If God gives us free will to accept or reject His salvation, will He also allow us by our free will to renounce it and give it back and become lost again by our unbelief?” SUBSCRIBE – LIKE – SHARE – WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Send us a question at …

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  • Ralph Yankee Arnold Interview - We hope you enjoy this in depth interview with pastor, teacher, evangelist and most of all a soul winner, Ralph “Yankee” Arnold. His Youtube: His Website: FBC:
  • Can a person come back from heaven? - Our Listener asks, I know a pastor who says he has been to Heaven. When I asked him had he really been to Heaven he said yes. Then I said that the Bible only talks of two people who have seen Heaven, which is Paul and Stephen. He responded that a person can go to …

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  • Kees Boer Interview - In our very first Bibleline Interview, Pastor Jesse Martinez talks with Kees Boer about his ministry, mission work, Calvinism, and more! KEES BOER’S CHANNEL: SUPPORT KEES BOER: — SUBSCRIBE — — LIKE — — SHARE — with all your friends and family
  • God is not a Calvinist - Today we end our series on Calvinism. What does the Bible really say about Salvation with regards to man’s free will? Does God pick and choose, or does man really have a choice. Let’s see what the bible says. SUBSCRIBE: for the videos LIKE: SHARE: with your friends and family! THANKS FOR LISTENING!!
  • Calvinism is False - Is Calvinism true or false? Is TULIP found in the Bible? Is reformed theology a theology we should subscribe to? Why do so many popular Bible teachers adhere to this doctrine? Let’s dig into the Bible and see what it has to say about Calvinism and the dangers thereof! Make sure to listen to part …

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  • What is Calvinism? - What is Calvinism? Is it a dangerous doctrine to teach? Does TULIP fit into scripture? This week we give an introduction to Calvinism; where it originated, what it teaches and whether or not it is a biblical doctrine!  Do you have a question? Send us you question at SUBSCRIBE to LIKE and SHARE …

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  • Is change required for salvation? - Our Listener asks, “I attend a church that the pastor is convinced you can sin enough to lose your salvation. He claims if you are not changed at the time of being saved you were not saved to begin with. “The renewing of your mind” is when you accept Jesus into your life. This has …

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  • Is Free Grace Hyper Grace? - Our Listener asks: “Is the gospel that we preach, classed as hyper-grace? People like Dr. Michael Brown who is an Arminian, who believes you can lose it, which I don’t agree with, say that this hyper grace that is being preached is from Satan. Joseph Prince apparently, a word of faith prosperity gospel preacher, teach …

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  • What if I stop believing in Christ? - Our listener asks, “I believe in once saved, always saved. How do you answer a person who says you can lose your salvation if you stop believing? They do not accept John 6:37 39. They say if you can be saved by believing and trusting Christ, then you can lose it the same way; by not believing …

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  • Can I lose my salvation? - Our listener asks, “Galatians 5:20-21 sounds like it is talking about losing your salvation. However, I know we are saved by grace. Please explain this to me.”
  • Why do I doubt God? - Listener Samantha asks “How can we fight against being double minded and having doubts?”
  • What’s the line for the Christian? - Listener Neil asks, “Is there a point biblically when a child of God no longer has to submit to the government or those in secular positions of authority above them if they cross a certain line? Hope this is clear.” 
  • What does it mean that “the devils believe also?” - Listener Gail asks, “what is the best scripture to give my cousin when she says the devil believes and trembles?”
  • How did Jesus respond to Satan? - We continue our study on Satan’s methods and actions with a look at the Matthew account of Jesus and Satan. What did Satan say? What were his tactics? How did Jesus respond?
  • Satan’s origins and methods. - Many people see Satan as the direct opposite to God. However, he is a created being with wisdom and beauty. He is not all powerful nor is he the opposite of god. He opposes God. Learn more in this two part series on Satan!
  • Collected wisdom over time - Pastor Jesse shares ten pieces of wisdom he has learned over time.
  • Do you have to take up your cross to be saved? - Have you ever heard a preacher or Bible teacher say that you must take up your cross to be saved? Is that true? There is a danger when discipleship and salvation are mixed. Pastor Jesse details the differences and why preachers and Bible teachers should be clear.
  • How do I control my tongue? - Our tongue is first a slave to the old nature. How can we control it? Pastor Jesse details how to tame the tongue and why it is important to learn this skill through the Holy Spirit.
  • The seriousness of apostate errors. - Heretical teaching is the product of an apostate teacher. Understanding what drives and motivates these teachers is crucial to understanding the seriousness of their errors.
  • Does the Bible say I have value, purpose and identity? - People are always looking for their value, their purpose, and their identity. Let’s see what the Scripture says about these things.
  • How can we overcome loneliness? - Loneliness is a feeling that can quickly take hold of your mind and steer your thoughts. No one is immune to loneliness. However, it can be combated with the truth in God’s Word.
  • Have I believed the gospel in vain? - Today’s episode answers the question, what does the Bible mean when it  says “unless ye have believed in vain”?
  • What do I do now that I’m saved? - In today’s episode, we take a look at the different things a baby believer can do once they have trusted in Jesus Christ.
  • Ten Years Ago - In today’s episode, Pastor Jesse shares a story of what happened back in the summer of 2011. We hope you are encouraged!
  • Is God really everyone’s Father? - We celebrate Father’s Day every year. Millions of fathers are recognized with cards, ties, and new grills. Some people think that God is the Father of all people. But, is that true? How can we know that God really is our Father?
  • Learning how to forgive. - Today’s episode is a study on the act of forgiveness. Specifically, Pastor Jesse details what forgiveness is, why we should forgive, and how we can use forgiveness in our daily lives.
  • Can a believer be possessed by a demon? - Today’s question is “can a believer become possessed by a demon?” We live in a very evil time. Our culture here in America reminds me of 2 Timothy 3:1-5. But it is crucial to understand that a believer is protected from demonic possession.
  • Why do I still sin after I am saved? - In today’s episode we talk about the two natures and answer the question why do I sin after we’re saved?
  • How do I deal with suffering from involuntary blasphemous thoughts? - Today’s episode offers Biblical solutions to a condition called Religious Scrupulosity. The Bible is the source of all truth for the world. Scrupulosity is a condition of a mind plagued by thoughts that are seeming uncontrollable and blasphemous.
  • How do I deal with negative thoughts? - Negative thoughts are a reality everyone deals with on a daily basis. If not addressed, these negative thoughts can lead to destructive actions in a persons life.
  • Should I be hearing the voice of God? - Today’s listener submitted question is, “People talk about speaking to God or having conversations with God. Should I be hearing the audible voice of God? If I don’t hear God’s voice am I saved?”
  • Why is the resurrection of Jesus so important? - Today’s episode is from Pastor Jesse’s 2021 Resurrection Sunday message titled “The Resurrection is Everything”. Do Christians place too much reliance on the resurrection of Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus say what He said in the garden? - Today’s episode is from a sermon titled “The Man of Sorrows” and it answers some questions about Jesus’ comments in the garden of Gethsemane.
  • Is it okay to hate? - Listener Michael Brown asks, “Is it OK to hate?” Let’s get into a good Bible answer!
  • Does God really forgive all my sins? - Eric B asks, “Does God forgive all sin, no matter what they are?” Pastor Jesse answers this question with five different Bible passages as support.
  • Do I have to give my life to Christ to be saved? - Many have asked this question, “Do I have to give my life to Christ to be saved?” The answer is no! The Bible doe not support this claim in order for a person to be saved.
  • What is the difference between God repenting and man repenting? - Listener Gail asks, “What is the difference in GOD repenting in the Old Testament and the word repent to get saved in the New Testament?”
  • Is salvation conditional after belief? - Listener Tyler asks, “With so many warnings in the Bible of apostasy, is salvation conditional after belief?” Pastor Jesse answers with two major doctrines from the Bible; eternal security and the carnal Christian.
  • How do I receive the Holy Spirit? - Today’s episode answers the question of listener Louis. He asked, “How does one receive the Holy Spirit and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?” Pastor Jesse walks through John 7:37-39; Ephesians 1:13-14; and Acts 10:34-45 to provide a clear answer from the Bible!
  • Can a person be nullified from being saved while they are still alive? - A listener in Arad, Romania asks, “My question  besides the authenticity of the reprobates doctrine and the possibility of being forgiven the sin of unbelief is can I still be saved? Can God and is He still willing to work upon my heart and change it and make me a  believer?”
  • What about those who have never heard the gospel? - Listener Nicole asks, “What about the people that have never heard the Gospel? Will they unfairly be sent to Hell?” There are clear passages in Scripture that revel the answer to this question. Pastor Jesse walks through different passages which ultimately lead to a clear response from the Bible.
  • Do I have to be in the church to be saved? - Pastor Jesse answers a question sent by a listener named Chad.  Listener Chad asks, “I came across a couple of your videos, trying to find an answer(s) I can understand, about getting saved, being saved, sin, etc. How does someone know they’re saved?
  • Here are five certain choices to make in uncertain times. - What decisions can we make when our nation seems to be shrouded in uncertainty? Pastor Jesse lists five certain choices a believer can make in uncertain times.
  • How do I walk in the Spirit? - On todays episode, Pastor Jesse answers a question about walking in the Spirit. How do we walk in the Spirit?
  • Is faith without works dead? - Today’s listener submitted question is a question that, I believe, is the question which causes so much confusion within Biblical Christianity. “Is faith without works dead?” I know you have heard this question discussed or you have asked it yourself. Listener, I want to be transparent with you before I take the time to answer this …

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