“It is like there is another voice in my head telling me that I don’t really believe…” Am I saved?

Our listener asks, “I am writing today because I just cannot find peace in my heart. I truly believe Jesus is the only way to heaven, and that His blood He shed dying on the cross is the only payment accepted for my sins. I just cannot figure out why my heart and mind won’t accept it. It is like there is another voice in my head telling me that I don’t really believe. And it just stays there, and my mind goes in every possible direction. I have prayed many times, asking God to show me, if I am relying on something else, and I just cannot see what it could be. Then I think if I really believed, then I would not have so much doubt. So then that takes me back to square one. And since God does not hear prayers from the lost, I do not see a way to see what is holding me back. I have watched the gospel presentations, and I say ‘I am believing,’ because I know that no amount of works or good behavior could pay for a single sin I have committed. And I keep telling myself to just take God at His word. But days go by, and my mind keeps telling me ‘Nope! You don’t really believe that.’ I have had many thoughts of taking my life after hearing a sermon, knowing Jesus is my only hope, and I am trusting in Him. But then I get too scared because if I am wrong, my only destination is hell. I have talked to my pastor, and he believes I am under some kind of Satanic attack. I just want to quit all these areas of my life as I’m serving in my church. If you could offer any guidance, or if you could just pray for me; I would greatly appreciate it.” – Adam