Is BELIEVING in Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection ENOUGH to be saved?

Our listener asks, “So my question would be: Is the moment a person believes the gospel, are they saved? – Like, believes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. I know details of who Jesus is are important, but they’re a matter of your salvation. Like when people say ‘saving faith’ meaning to put all your faith in Jesus and to trust Him. I thought it meant trusting what He did for you to be sufficient. So I think my question is, are people not saved if they don’t believe Jesus is God? Are they not saved if they believe the gospel but low key don’t understand they are saying works are needed, meaning producing fruit? Or if someone doesn’t exactly understand the trinity? Are all these people hell-bound, even though they believe the gospel and Jesus? It’s driving me crazy thinking people I love are going to hell because I know they believe the gospel, and they know Jesus. I know they have a relationship, even though I know that isn’t technically a requirement. But I just know these people with all their heart believe Jesus died for their sins and was resurrected. But all the other details, to these people, are not understood. Like people who say their salvation can be lost. I believe they only think that because of man scaring them, and then they get confused. Just hard to think of because the details are blurry and confused. Are they condemned?”