Does God HATE Sinners? (PSALM 5:5-7)

Our listener asks, “Good afternoon brother Jesse, thank you for your sound teachings and I surely do enjoy the podcast which you do on the BibleLine channel on YouTube. I was reaching out today because I also have a question and it has to do with God’s holy hatred spoken of in a few Scriptural passages. One particular passage is Psalm 5:4-6:

4 For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.

5 The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.

6 Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

Now this is my question, When David speaks of the workers of iniquity which God hates, in Psalm 5, is he referring to the flesh birth (sin nature) of people? I ask this because of teachers in Calvinism out there who teach that God hates some people. I also have heard some street preachers say, “God hates you in your sin.” And they will reference Psalm 5:5. And so, I am seeking to reconcile God’s love for sinners and His hatred for sin. I also have viewed the phrase ‘worker of iniquity’ possibly to also mean any sinner which has been given fully over to their sin nature. Just my thoughts though. Thank you for taking time to consider and address this question, have a blessed day!”