Does God Use Dreams Today?

“I hear a lot of Charismatic Christians say they received dreams from the Lord. My question is, does God still give us dreams today as His children? I once had a dream before my husband and I had the desire to have children. It was only for a few seconds, but in this dream I was praying with our child (at the time it was unclear if the child was a boy or girl), but he/she was around 5 years old. I was teaching this child to pray for someone who was hurting, and my husband who is an unbeliever was sitting watching in the background. A few months later, we both had the desire to have a baby. We got pregnant straight away, and had a healthy baby boy. My son and I now do the very thing we were doing in the dream, we pray together. I just want to know, was that dream from God or not? I don’t dream very often but this was something that was very specific, I didn’t understand it at the time but it has come to pass. I believe that sign gifts aren’t for today so I’m trying to figure out if that includes dreams and visions. Thank you. God bless.”