Q 007

Question:I have read that over 50 percent (although the estimates on this vary somewhat) of fertilized eggs never even implant into the womb. In other words, they are “spontaneously aborted” and the woman never even knows that she conceived. Do you believe that all of these tiny zygotes will be in heaven?


It’s a good question but it does not have a clear Bible answer. I come down on the issue with a couple of truths in play. First, I believe that God designed conception to be the method of a created soul. He breathed life into Adam, and I believe that breath of life continues in the reproduction process. I do not think that God sends souls from Heaven into an embryo. I would see that as a conflict with Romans 5:12-14. If God does in fact send souls from Heaven, then it would imply that a soul was once perfect and then made imperfect by God sending it into a sinful body. I believe conception creates a soul.

So, regarding the fertilized eggs that never implant the womb, I would say those never became souls. I am not dogmatic with that view. It would never be a leading discussion I would publicly address in a message or conference topic. God knows when that soul begins and has covered it under the blood of Jesus until they reach the age of accountability (knowing between good and evil). I adhere by a principle called “The Bible Doesn’t Say” which could rightly be applied here. I do not wish to brush you off with that last sentence, but I do think that this issue can become a matter of speculation instead of solid biblical support.