Q 012

Question: I know a pastor who says he has been to Heaven. When I asked him had he really been to Heaven he said yes. Then I said that the Bible only talks of two people who have seen Heaven, which is Paul and Stephen. He responded that a person can go to Heaven in many different ways. He said that Paul was taken as an honorary guest. The pastor said that God took him to Heaven as a servant. God didn’t let him see as much Paul but God did let him see awesome things that he chooses not to mention publicly. I left this Bible group and wanted to get your opinion on what I was told by this pastor.” (edited for grammar and clarity)

Answer: I would avoid this man’s teachings entirely. Furthermore, I would seriously doubt anyone who claims to have been to Heaven or Hell. I do not believe that God will bring a person to Heaven or to Hell and sends them back with a message that contradicts what the Bible clearly teaches. There is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. Therefore, his statement about multiple ways to Heaven is biblically inaccurate. He contradicts Jesus’ own words in John 14:6.

Unfortunately, demonic influence abounds in the world. This pastor seems to have decided his experiences are better than the Word of God. His error leads him to be influenced by his experiences and he has allowed them to become his source of truth instead of the Bible. He should be marked as a heretic and avoided as noted in Romans 16:17.

I know this is strong language but if he is going to say that Heaven can be achieved outside of Jesus then he is not someone I would consider to be wise. You made the right call in leaving the group. Listen to any pastor or group with your Bible wide open.