Q 022

Question: I have a question that I can’t get straight. Who is Jesus talking about in Mark 16:17? It sounds like he is talking about us, believers. The thing is, ive never seen a healing. Ive just heard of them. And some claimed they have been healed for 3 days 🙄. Ive seen people place their hands on sick, but NOTHING has happened. Please, help me out. World faith believers are doing this all the time but nothing happens. Also, they claim to speak in tounges. But to me it sounds like gibberish. I fact, I think they are doing this in the flesh. Recently I listened to a sermon from a world faith church and it was nothing else but a 1h 10 minutes long heresy! I heard so much lunacy so its enough for a life time! I want the real Gospel. Thank you in advance for your answer!”

Answer: Excellent question! Jesus words in Mark 16:17-18 are referring to the miracles that the disciples and early church believers would demonstrate as the gospel advanced throughout the region and ultimately into the entire world. Jesus did not say how long the disciples would have this power. Other examples of miracle working were all short periods of time (see Exodus 7-14; 1 Kings 17-2Kings 10). We also have 1 Corinthians 13:8 to back up the teaching that these miracles would cease as the Bible came into completion. I do not believe these miracles are in practice today. Tongues, healing, and the survival of a snake bite have all ceased. These are no longer in use in order to advance the salvation of souls in the world.

The things you have witnessed are the empty works of false teachers. They are rampant and deceive many people to believe their perverted gospel message. It is wise to mark and avoid such teacher and their ministries! No believers will possess the same miracles that believers in the book of Acts possessed. We have the completed Word of God and have had the aide of the Holy Spirit convicting the world of sin, righteousness, and of judgement. We need to know the Gospel, be ready to share it, and share it clearly. I hope this helps!