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Dr Lindstrom, Our pastor preached a sermon last Sunday on John 15. He believes that a Christian who is not bearing fruit, will be cut off.(actually loose salvation). I do not believe that for all the reasons that are shown throughout the bible ( I have a copy of your topic of eternal salvation) My question is this: What are they talking about in John 15? Is it is referring to remaining close to Christ, and losing your fellowship with him. Please explain in light of “losing you salvation” in the text of John 15. Thank-you for your ministry, KIM


John 15 is talking about ‘fruit bearing’ and discipleship. John 15:8 tells of the relationship between the two. Of the one who bears MUCH FRUIT, Jesus says, ‘SO SHALL YE BE MY DISCIPLE.’ The taking away is: loss of testimony,loss of reward, and loss of opportunity because the Lord could take you home to heaven early. Works not done for Christ will be burned at the ‘JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST’. SEE I Corinthians 3:11-15