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Hank,Im still confused over your persistence to only use the KJV.I believe the best bible is a


The King James translation is written at about a fifth or sixth grade level and all the newer translations are written at a three or four year higher grade level of difficulty. The KJV being around since 1611 has a large volume of study material directly related to the KJV. Also the problems have also been addressed which is not true of the newer translations. It will still take years for the serious criticisms to come in on the newer translations. The NIV does a pretty job of doing away with the doctrine of hell. Thank God, that the Bible is so full of the truth than none of the new translations can get rid of all the truth. This includes the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION of the Jehovah Witness movement which is clearly an attempt to do away with the truth. ‘Beware of the scribes.’ Listen to Jesus and be careful.