Q 033

Question: I hear a lot of Charismatic Christians say they received dreams from the Lord. My question is, does God still give us dreams todau as His children? I once had a dream before my husband and I had the desire to have children. It was only for a few seconds, but in this dream I was praying with our child (at the time it was unclear if the child was a boy or girl), but he/she was around 5 years old. I was teaching this child to pray for someone who was hurting, and my husband wjo is an unbeliever was sitting watching in the background. A few months later, we both had the desire to have a baby. We got pregnant straight away, and had a healthy baby boy. My son and I now do the very thing we were doing in the dream, we pray together. I just want to know, was that dream from God or not? I don’t dream very often but this was something that was very specific, I didn’t understand it at the time but it has come to pass. I believe that sign gifts aren’t for today so I’m trying to figure out if that includes dreams and visions. Thank you. God bless.


Thank you for your question and for your patience. Your question is interesting and I have heard similar stories before yours today. I do not think that there is anything better than the Word of God in regards to God dealing with mankind. Jesus predicted that the Holy Spirit would teach of Him (cf. John 16:13-14). Jesus is also, “the Word of God… made flesh and dwelt among us.” (cf. John 1:14) I believe that God primarily works through His Word where it is easily accessible to those who are seeking the truth. Dreams are difficult to discern because there are so many factors as to where the dream originates. Examples of God and dreams in the Old Testament were very specifically revealed to be from God. There wasn’t a question or lingering doubt about what was communicated in the dream. That being said, I will not limit God on what He can do. Could He use dreams to work in a persons life? Yes, He absolutely could. Would He do that instead of guide people to the truth already clearly contained in His Word, the Bible? No, I don’t think He would bypass the Bible. The Holy Spirit is working on people right this very moment (cf. John 16:7-11).
I know this isn’t exactly what you may be looking for, but I feel comfortable saying that God would use His Word over dreams in this age. I pray this helps you.