Q 036

Question: “Please explain in John chapter eight Jesus told the woman taken in adultery to go and sin no more.”

Answer: Jesus’ command to the woman caught in adultery was to sin no more. This is important to understand in its proper context. Jesus did not mean that she must stop her sin in order to be saved. There is zero indication that eternal life is in view here. He said what He said because there was no one there to rightfully accuse her under the Mosaic law, which demands two or more witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15). The Pharisees who brought her to Him set this as a trap (John 8:6). They were correct in the fact that she was caught in adultery. However, they disqualified themselves as true witnesses because they had an ulterior motive; which was to trap Jesus. This makes them false witnesses and they would have to suffer from the same condemnation they desired upon her (Deuteronomy 19:15-19). They would have had to be stoned! So, they left, knowing they were in the wrong. In light of this, Jesus simply gives her a warning, go and sin no more. Sin always brings bondage. This woman would be well off if she avoided this sin. This is Jesus intent. Again, salvation is not in view here. Jesus would soon go to the cross and take her punishment onto Himself. He warned her about this sin and then went and paid for it. What a Savior!