Q # 4740594


Dr. Hank, On June 17th, what will Mr. Soloman be talking about exactly? I have heard you say that you have explained the Gosple to Him. I am certain that you explained it very clearly so as he could fully understand. If that be the case, then after the rapture he will NOT be able to become saved. Correct? Due to the strong delusion sent by God, Mr. Solomon will believe the lie of the anti-christ, and because ot his past unbelief will perish apart from God. 2Thes. 2:9-12 I will be praying hard for God to remove the blinders from his eyes. Also I will be praying for you to find a new way of presenting the Gosple to him that will knock his socks off and leave no room for denial! S.S.S. {Soloman Saved Seventeenth}


Only the Lord knows the hearts of men. So whether he understood or not is known by the Lord. We are going to do our best. Most Jews are blinded now, but after the rapture that blindness will be taken away. See Romans 11:25.