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confused in MiamiDr. Lindstromyou said that Jesus birthday is really oct. 31, which is Halloween and was taken by satan, (1)how was this done?. (2)how did dec. 25, come about being celebrated as Jesus birthday?. (3)and last but not least, should we not celebrate Jesus birthday at all then, or is it ok to celebrate christmas?.


There is not mention of the celebration of the birth Christ until the fourth century. When Constantine declared the world Christian the pagan observance of the birthday of Baal on December 25 was simply tranferred to be the birthday of Christ. So a pagan holiday became a Christian observance. I believe that we should take advantage of the holiday to proclaim Christ. We need to finish the story and tell people that salvation was not accomplished at Bethlehem, but at CALVARY. It is the DEATH of Christ and not His BIRTH that brought about our Salvation.