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Dr. Lindstrom, I use the KJV of the “old” Scofield Bible, which I have heard you recommend. My question Concerns Dr. Scofield’s Book, ” Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth”. When he writes about the Second Advent, it almost seems as if he is speaking of The Rapture of the living and dead Christians and the return of Christ when all the earth will mourn, as being the same. I believe the rapture takes place first, then afterwards, Christ returns taking vengeance of those who know not God. Did Dr. Scofield view, what I believe to be two separate returns, as only one return, or am I reading his book incorrectly? Seems to me he is running the two separate returns of Christ into one occurence. Please help me understand his views, and yours, on this. Thanks.


You are correct that the rapture occurs first. Keep in mind that the rapture is only for, and ALL about the Church! The rapture does not include those who are NOT “dead in Christ” or rather those believers before Pentecost. The rapture is for the church ONLY. At the end of the Tribulation period Jesus returns with a lot of unfinished business. Part of this unfinished business is (1) resurrecting the Old Testament Saints (those dead believers before Pentecost) and (2) those Christians who died or were martyred during the tribulation period. Those living at the end of the tribulation period will be divided into (2) groups. One group, those who are unbelievers will be killed and removed. The other group who are believers will continue in their regular mortal bodies and live during the 1000 years with Christ. If you remember that the rapture is for the church and that Old testament saints and martyred tribulation saints get their new bodies at the 2nd coming, it will all make sense