Qualities Of Leadership

     L     Loyalty and Love
To the whole church program.  One forfeits his right to leadership when he fails to set the example in “complete” loyalty to the policies of the church.

     E     Enterprise and Effort
A real leader is industrious and sees a way through or around difficulties.  He does not mind working hard and sacrificing in order to carry out his job.

     A     Attention and Attitude
He gives real attention to the details of his task, remembering, “cursed is he that doeth the work of the Lord negligently.”  He has a willing attitude.

     D     Dependability and Determination
Always ready, always on time, and always present in every service, unless providentially hindered.

     E     Eagerness and Earnestness
Enthusiastic about serving the Lord in the place to which he is elected.  Sincere as to seriousness of his purpose.

     R     Radiant and Resolved
Happy in his work.  Optimistic, never critical, and encouraging to others.  Self-possessed to see the job through.

     S     Surrendered and Serious
Christ first, others second, self last.

     H     Honest and Humble
Doing things openly in the sight of God and men, and esteeming others above himself.

     I     Industrious and Indispensable
Works hard week by week, thereby becoming invaluable.

     P     Prayerful and Progressive
Service as if everything depended upon him, and prayer as if everything depended upon God.