Q 008

Question: “I am trusting 100 percent in the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ alone for my salvation. But here is my question. After I believed on Jesus was I supposed to feel something or have an experience? I often doubt my salvation because I didn’t have anything like that and it’s bothered me for years. Do I just take God at his word or am I missing something?”

Answer: Thanks for your question. Salvation is a positional experience. Once a person believes on Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection for the payment of all their sin… they are, positionally, “passed from death unto life”, and they, “shall not come into condemnation” (see John 5:24). Sadly, in today’s culture, salvation has been combined with some emotional experience which validates the persons salvation. Friend, people can have emotions, but those emotions do not validate their salvation. The Word of God validates their salvation. If we boil it down, the main question which must be answered is, what have you done about Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection? The one who has believed on Him to pay for their sin is saved. The one who has not believed on Him or has added works to get them saved… is not saved.

Emotions come and go. One day, you may feel saved and on fire to serve the Lord, and the next day you feel so down and so defeated. Learn to take God at His Word, my friend.