FOUNDER:  L. Ron Hubbard


NAME OF CHURCH:  Church of Scientology; United Churches of Florida

HEADQUARTERS:  Saint Hill Manor, London, England

BOOKS:  Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health
     Scientology and the Bible

PERIODICALS:  Freedom: The Auditor


     L. Ron Hubbard was born March 13, 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska.  His father was a naval officer; therefore Hubbard spent much of his youth in the Far East and other areas until he returned to the USA in 1930.

     In 1930, according to Scientology literature, Hubbard graduated from George Washington University with a B.S. in civil engineering and was trained as one of their first nuclear physicists.  However, in a later tax case, university officials testified that Hubbard entered school in 1930, flunked physics, was put on probation his first year, never returned for a second year, and received no degree.  The Scientologists also claim that Hubbard attended and received a Ph.D. from an institution called Sequoia University in California, yet there is no such university recognized by the Department of State Education.  There is, however, a post office box for Sequoia University that operates out of Los Angeles.

     In the 1930's Hubbard served in the Pacific during World War II, where he claimed he was twice pronounced dead by doctors, yet rebounded to perfect health through his principles of Scientology.  After the service, Hubbard became a science fiction writer, and later wrote much of this, which applied to Dianetics.  According to his second wife, (he is thrice married) Hubbard wrote his book Dianetics in three months with no research.

     With the sale of his so-called scientific book, Hubbard began to set up foundations of Dianetics and gave M.D. degrees.  (When taken to court those turned out to be Master of Dianectics degrees).  These foundations and writings came under tremendous attack from doctors, scientists, courts, and ex-scientologists, so Hubbard then changed Scientology from a science to a religion.  In 1955, Hubbard and his third wife, Mary Sue, set up and began the “Founding Church of Scientology” in Washington D.C.  Now while the medical scientific claims are challenged and proven false, Hubbard and Scientology can hide behind the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion.

     Presently Hubbard is becoming wealthier by the year as he travels around in his 320 foot yacht which is maintained by his “dupes” from Scientology.  Hubbard receives 10% of all fees from Scientology and is reputed to have close to 9,000,000 in two Swiss banks.


1. Pre-clear–A beginning Scientologist

2. Clear–One who has gone through the entire Scientology process and has unlimited powers.

3. Analytical Mind–Rational, conscious mind.

4. Reactive Mind–Under certain conditions this part of the unconscious mind causes irrational behavior.

5. Engrams–Impressions made on the protoplasm of the reactive mind that key in irrational actions.

6. Grades of release–Each separate process of clearing.  There are eight grades.

7. Thetan–Immortal spirit that has lived in countless bodies, human or animal, on this or other planets, since the beginning of time.  The thetan has picked up engrams from past bodies and a person needs to be “cleared” from his own and past engrams.

8. Auditors or Ministers–Those who teach the private Scientology process to pre-clears.  These sessions are forbidden by pre-clears to be discussed.

9. Operating Thetan-Omnipotence

10. P.T.S.–Potential trouble source, one who is guilty of being critical or discouraging about Scientology.

11. E-Meter– Lie-detector type of unit made up of two empty tin cans connected by wire to a galvanometer.  This is of a wheatstone bridge used in medical quackery for years.  All the needle can register is the body's resistance to a small battery.  The pre-clear never sees the needle.  The E-Meter costs $12.50 to build and sells to auditors for $125 to $144.

12. Hat–A portfolio listing that outlines how each member is to contribute to Scientology.

13. Raw Public or Wogs–Those outside Scientology who cannot make choices for themselves.


     According to L. Ron Hubbard, “man is basically good but stored up in man's reactive mind is all sorts of engrams that cause unreasonable and controlled behavior, but now the reactive mind of man can be contacted and erased.”  Actually Scientology is a mumble jumble of unscientific, made-up terms that mean nothing and are only used to extract money out of helpless, insecure, gullible people.  A quote from TODAY'S HEALTH summarizes Scientology very well “couched in pseudo scientific terms and rites, this dangerous cult claims to help mentally or emotionally disturbed people-for sizable fees.  Scientology has grown into a very profitable worldwide enterprise-and a serious threat to health…It is a cult that thrives on glowing promises for the lonely, weak, confused, ineffectual, and disturbed individuals.  They claim to 'release you smoothly and swiftly from the tensions, frustrations, and problems that sap your vigor and inhibit your abilities.'”

     Scientologists pass their literature out on street corners, college campuses, and other various places advertising free lectures, films and parties at the Scientology centers.  This is to entice the person to get into the “processing.”  Usually the first course is free, and a $500 Dianetic course is offered free to ministers and psychologists.  The fact that these courses are offered free gives the Scientologists a chance to gain up to thousands of dollars later on if the student becomes a convert.


1. I WILL TALK TO ANYONE: This is usually an ad that says Reverend_________ will talk to you about anything.

2. ILLNESS RESEARCH: Ads that ask physically sick people (with polio, cancer, etc.) to volunteer for an examination.

3. CASUALTY CONTACT: This is where the auditors follow-up on deaths, accidents, etc., as seen in papers to get them into Scientology.


A. A “pre-clear” is first investigated thoroughly to see if he had any possibility of being a spy, reporter, etc., so he will not be labeled a P.T.S.

B. A “pre-clear” is brought into a counseling session, usually costing around $30 an hour, in which he and the auditor sit down with the E-Meter.

C. The auditor is to securely get the person under his command by having him answer simple questions over and over, or the pre-clear is to move objects around the table.  This goes on till the Pre-clear answers all questions and commands quickly and without protest.

D. The Pre-clear is then led to deny obvious things.  This type of questioning can go up to 75 hours.

E. If the pre-clear has a problem, he is asked to invent more problems of equal magnitude to make him forget his previous one.

F. The E-Meter is used to find suppressed engrams in the reactive mind.  His is pressed to find hidden faults and borders on schizophrenia.  This is encouraged as the pre-clear is told this finds faults with the thetan's past and the discovery of this leads to clearing.

G. The event is discussed till the pre-clear no longer reacts on the E-Meter, then erasing the engrams.

H. Each person continues until cleared (or broken), and they are instructed to always leave the session smiling, happy, and relaxed.