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Concerning “Easter”, how long was the Passover (High Sabbath), 24 hours, 48 hours, etc.? Why did the women wait until 72 hours after Jesus was placed in the tomb to come and anoint Him? Why didn’t the women come and anoint Jesus right after this High Holy Day? Could the anointing have happened on a Sabbath? Jewish time and our time makes it very confusing. If I understand you, then you are saying Jesus died Wednesday Jewish time at the 9th hour but that would be Thursday our time at 3 P.M. Is this correct? Great show, may God bless you with wisdom and knowledge.


The Sabboth was on Thursday during the Crucifixition Week just as it fell this year. So we have the Passover Sabboth on Thursday, The Feast of Unleavened Bread Sabboth on Friday, and the regular Saturday Sabboth on Saturday. The ladies had to wait until the Sabboths [plural] ended. See Scofield Bible on Matthew 28:1 where it should have been translated in the ‘end of the sabboths’.