Q 042

Question: If I sin and then I realize with self judgment and confess my sins to the Lord right after I sinned …do I avoid gods chastening In that very moment and restore fellowship?”

Answer: Yes, I do believe the restoration of fellowship is immediate based upon 1 John 1:9. However, I do not think that the believer will avoid chastening every time he confesses his sin. 1 Corinthians 11:31-32 is my basis. We can judge ourselves, which is confession, and avoid judgement. However, verse 32 says that God will chasten the believer. The bottom line is this. I am not sure if every act of confession is a guarantee that chastening will not occur. I would invite you to look at it this way.

1. Learn to sin less. This will come as you yield your will to God’s Word.
2. Accept that God knows what is best for you.
3. Learn from what God teaches you through correction by His Word.
4. Don’t try to categorize what is circumstance and what is God’s chastening.
5. Just trust Him.
I pray you find peace and comfort in the Word of God, my friend!